Welcome to Hogwarts, students. This is another Third Generation Harry Potter RP. Please put your Auditions in our Submit, NOT the Ask Box. ORIGINAL CHARACTERS are open. All Reserves will be held for 72 hours. PLEASE make sure YOUR ask box is open when you apply. This is how we contact you, letting you know whether you've been accepted.  Student(s) in the Corridors After Curfew PLEASE READ THE RULES BEFORE APPLYING!

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Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Staff and Students! 

It’s been over 20 years since Voldemort was defeated in the Final Battle. Now it’s the Golden Trio’s children’s turn to make a mess and stir up some trouble. Would you like to be a prefect or a Quidditch player? How about both? Join the Order or be a Death Eater? Your destiny is in your hands now.

Just a reminder that all staff, excluding Teddy and Victoire, are OCs.

A reminder that Original Characters are being accepted.


Open Characters:

Derek Finch Fletchy // 7th/Hufflepuff 

*Leroy Percy Finnigan // 6th/Gryffindor 

*Stephanie Ann Finnigan // 6th/Gryffindor

*Haliee Thomas // 5th/Gryffindor 

*Justin Thomas // 5th/Slytherin 

Laryssa Goyle // 5th/Slytherin 

Fred Weasley II // 5th/Gryffindor

Scorpius Malfoy // 5th/Slytherin

Larcan Scamandar // 6th/Hufflepuff

Victoire Weasley // Graduated/Former Gryffindor

Lysander Scamander is on reserve.